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Did You Know:

  • New Illinois Law lets kids carry epinephrine at school. P.A. 94-0792 which amends section 105 ILCS 5/22-30.
  • Massachusetts schools have tracked epinephrine administration for the 2004 and 2005 school years. (Data Health Brief: Epinephrine Administration in Schools). Below is a brief synopsis. Click here for the full reports.
    1. Epinephrine administration was high in certain months, but September, October, and March were listed both years as having the highest incidence of administration.
    2. The teenage years had the highest rates of epinephrine administration. In 2004, ages 12 to 16 reported high rates; and in 2005, ages 13 to 17 had high rates.
    3. Peanuts and tree nuts were the highest reported allergens which required epinephrine in both years.
    4. The good news is that in both years an overwhelming majority of the children who received epinephrine had Individual Health Care Plans: 90 % in 2004, and 81 % in 2005.
    5. Symptoms displayed in almost 70% of the cases in both years involved the respiratory tract.
  • Approximately 79% of the food allergy reactions in schools occur in the classroom.
  • Peanut allergies doubled from 1997-2002.
    C. Weiss, A. Munoz-Furlong, T.J. Furlong, J.Arbit (2004). “Impact of Food Allergies on School Nursing Practice,” Journal of School Nursing, 20(5), 268, 270.

If your school received ANY money from the federal government, then it has to comply with the United States Department of Agriculture Guidelines (USDA). The Guidelines require, that if your child cannot eat what is being served, then the school needs to make a substitution. BUT, you need to fill out a form.

Go to page 41 on the Guidelines. Download Figure 1. This form is essentially a dietary order that your doctor will fill out. Then give it to the school and your child will receive a substitute food.

If you have ANY questions, then call the Illinois State Board of Education, Division of Nutrition Programs & Support Services.

The people are very helpful. The number is: 217-782-2491 or 800-545-7892.

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