About Us


The mission of the Illinois Food Allergy Education Association is to support Illinois residents with food allergies by providing educational materials for schools, juvenile courts, airlines, parents, recreational camps, caregivers, restaurants, health departments, and other relevant groups.

The President

  • Julie Campbell, President of the Association, is an attorney and parent of a food allergic child.
  • The President wrote the Glossary for Wilmette’s “District 39 Resource Guide for Supporting Children with Life Threatening Allergies,” and advocated for its adoption at School Board meetings.
  • She was the Co-Communications chair for the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network’s (FAAN) inaugural walk for food allergies.
  • She wrote and designed a public service announcement for FAAN which¬†was published almost weekly in the Illinois Pioneer Press publications¬†from August, 2004-2006.
  • She led a grassroots effort to support Illinois House Bill 991 which allows children to carry their epinephrine auto-injectors at recreational camps. It is now 410 ILCS 607 (2005).
  • She and other board members lobbied for the Illinois School Food Allergy Guidelines and the Emergency Epinephrine Act both of which passed.
  • She has served on Governor Quinn’s school health committee, the Chicago Public Schools Stock Epi-Pen Implementation and Educational Campaign.
  • She will be helping the IDPH promulgate rules for food allergy safety of retail food establishments.

Board of Directors

IFAEA has a five member board of directors which includes a pharmacist, a pediatrian, several attorneys, and a consultant. Four of them have food allergic children.